Enterprise-grade MDM for SMEs

MDM platforms

Many of the current MDM platforms are costly and not designed for SME’s


BYOD risks are rising exponentially (55% of SME approve BYOD)


Cost and complexity deter take up

The solution

Servasure KNOX manage is …

  • cost-efficient, enterprise-grade, end-to-end MDM solution

Allowing SMEs to …

  • meet increasingly demanding security requirements
  • manage mobile devices using a cloud-based console
  • separate business & private data
  • respect employee privacy – yet stay secure

What is Servasure Knox Manage?

Cloud-based EMM solution that allows IT admins to set up, manage and monitor devices

remotely to increase business efficiency
and secure corporate data

  • All major platforms supported
  • The fastest time-to-market of new features for Samsung devices

Quick & Easy Deployment

Tools are provided to make it easy and simple for IT Admins to set up devices profiles and deploy

Quick Start Wizard

Simple and easy initial setup with pre-defined questions and recommended profile setup tool i.e. From user enrollment to app/policy push

Automatic Provisioning

IMEI/serial number-based device enrollment
Automatic client installation of & enrollment to Knox Manage service
No hassle of unneeded setup
i.e. Skip Setup Wizard Mandatory re-enrollment even after factory reset

Quick Start Wizard

No need to develop in-house launcher app
Diverse Kiosk mode support i.e. Single-app or multi-app, web browser kiosk, etc

Hardware key control
i.e. Disallow Home/Back/Volume/Power key
Customizable kiosk home screen
i.e. Add bookmark, folder, banner, memo to home screen
Change wallpaper, etc

Robust Management

Knox Manage has a variety of management capabilities for multiple OS,
on top of more advanced features available on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Cross-Platform Support

Multi-OS support
- Android, iOS, Windows
Manage all devices from a single console

Event-based Policy Enforcement

Apply different policies based on user events
Time, App, Wi-Fi, SIM, Roaming, GPS*

Differentiated Knox Platform Features

Advanced container management
Container Lock, Data Loss Prevention
HW-based credential storage
Premium VPN features
Per-app/per-container VPN setting

Mobile Application for Admin

Manage devices and users via application on mobile device

Comprehensive Control

IT Admins can ensure that devices remain compliant and error-free

Remote Device Support

Remotely access employee devices
Maintain up-to-date profile and policy settings
Easy troubleshooting
Offline un-enrollment capability

Precise Device Audit

Real-time compliance check of device
Device status monitoring
Policy compliance check
Alerts, logs or command history details
Track specific device information
i.e. location, phone/data usage, connectivity status, installed app list

Device Minimum Requirement

Multi-OS Support*

For KNOX manage

Android - Kitkat (v4.4 or above)
iOS - 8 or above
Windows 10 - All editions

For Knox Mobile Enrollment

Samsung Galaxy devices with Knox Platform v2.4 or above (= Android Kitkat or above)
* Available features may vary depending on the platform versions

Designed to compete

  • More cost effective than competitors
  • Bundled licenses with Servasure annual support included – big savings over the competition
  • Allowing no strain on the resellers support structure
  • Low cost implementation – big savings over the competition
  • License for 1 or 2 years available
  • Up and running within 24 hours